Maximising Performance

In order to get the best performance from your PC and Kwari, read through the steps below:

Close down background applications
We always recommend shutting down any applications that aren't required to play Kwari. Unnecessary programs running in the background can impact your PC's performance by tying up system resources and causing conflicts with Kwari. Most of these will start automatically each time you start your PC.

To make sure no other programs are running in the background:

- click Start
- click Run (Windows® Vista users should skip this step)
- type msconfig and click okay

This will load up the System Configuration Utility.

- click the Startup tab

Here you will see a list of all programs that load each time Windows starts. Make a note of which ones are currently ticked so that you can re-enable them later.

- Click the Disable All button
- Click Ok
- Restart your PC if prompted

Make sure your drivers are up-to-date
PC component manufacturers regularly release new drivers designed to get the most of out of their hardware. Ensuring you have the most recent drivers available means your PC is running at optimum performance levels. For more information on drivers and updating them, click here.

Adjust your in-game video options
Kwari includes several options that will impact performance. To access these, start Kwari and login to your account as normal. From the main menu click the Options button and then click the Video Options button.

On this screen you will see a series of options, each with a slider allowing you to adjust for Performance or Quality. We recommend setting each of these for maximum Performance (all the way to the left) and playing a match. If Kwari runs smoothly, you can move each of the sliders one notch towards Quality (to the right) and then play another match. Experiment in this way until you find the right balance between performance and visual quality for your PC.

Adjusting your resolution will also impact game performance. Higher resolutions will put more strain on your PC and lead to a decrease in frame-rate in-game. Lower resolutions will run more smoothly but you will see a decrease in image quality.

Note that this page is provided for information purposes only. If you aren't sure what you are doing or if you get stuck at any point, please click here to contact Customer Support.