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About Kwari Limited


Kwari is a publisher and developer of skill-based online interactive entertainment. Kwari takes familiar gaming values and builds on them, by allowing players to make money in real time. With Kwari you can convert your virtual game skills into real world cash, a simple idea that will forever alter the way you play games. Every action you take and decision you make can lead to real world profit.

The first title from Kwari is the free-to-download 'cash for kills' online shooter of the same name, Kwari™. A first-person shooter where every single shot counts. Click here to find out more about the game and how you can make real cash.


Kwari has been built using the BigWorld game engine. Formed in 1999 and based in Australia, BigWorld is the world’s leading MMO middleware company that licenses the only complete MMO solution to game studios around the world. Providing developers with all of the technology required to produce engaging next generation MMO games and virtual worlds.

Built from the ground up to accommodate large-scale server architecture, the BigWorld platform is fast becoming the industry standard for MMO developers. As well as Kwari it can be seen in titles such as TX2 and Stargate Worlds as well as many other major MMO titles currently under development in the US, Europe and Asia.

Click here for more information on BigWorld.

Micro Forté

Micro Forté is developed the game client software. Established in 1985 by a group of passionate developers, Micro Forté is one of the most respected and experienced games companies in Australia. Having previously worked with Electronic Arts, THQ, Universal Interactive and Microsoft amongst others.

With offices in Sydney and Canberra, Micro Forté is one of the biggest and most successful developers in Australia. The company specialises in building games using BigWorld Technology, the partner company setup by Micro Forté.