Kwari & Anti-Cheating

The addition of cash into the first person genre is naturally going to be an obvious target for cheats and hacks, and this thinking has been at the forefront of the development of the game.

Using the premier middleware engine for MMO games, BigWorld, has to be designed with security in mind. To that end everything is built with the idea of "never trusting the client application". This, in essence, means that every single action that a player can take in the game can quickly and easily be verified on the server and appropriate action be taken. To support this in game Micro Forte have developed a security test framework that allows for the servers to automatically check thousands of player actions at any given time depending on GM inputs and search criteria, for example:

There has been a number of complaints about a specific player recently, the GM can simply point the test framework at that player and have every single action verified, any hint of cheating and the GM has proof enough to ban them. Similarly there have been rumours circulating about an aimbot that is available, the GM could narrow the test cases to just look for players whose accuracy has increased by X% or greater in Y time and very quickly build up a log of all suspected cheats who can then have more stringent checks applied to them.