The List Of Challenges

Challenges To Be Completed Within One Match

Accurate Sniper Get 3 Kinetic Sniper Rifle hits on players without missing.
Air Kill Kill an airborne player.
Artful Dodger Don't take damage for 15 seconds.
Big Bang Damage 2 players with one Suicide Belt.
Blade Master Deal 200 points of damage with the Blade Launcher.
Close Shave Pick up a Health Pack when your Health is below 25.
Crater Kill a player with the blast from an exploding crate.
Death From Above Kill a player while you are airborne.
Demolition Guy Damage a player with a blast from an exploding crate.
Protagonist Spree Get 4 consecutive hits with the Shotgun.
Duck Hunt Hit an airborne player with the Kinetic Sniper Rifle.
Floating Menace Destroy an exploding crate, while you are airborne.
Guardian Shielder Pick up 3 Guardian Shields.
Guide Master Deal 100 points of damage with the Plasma Globe.
Healthy Pick up 3 Health Packs.
Hit And Run! Deal 10 damaging shots without dying.
Ion Gunner Damage 3 players with the Ion Gun in one shot.
Ion Master Damage 5 players with the Ion Gun in 1 shot. Kill 5 players in 1 minute.
Iron Man Don't die for 2 minutes.
Jack of All Trades Deal damage with every weapon.