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Game Rules


Kwari Outline Game Rule and Process

1. Overview

Kwari is an online computer game where success is predicated entirely on the skill of the players. The format of the game is based on the existing genre of the First-Person Shooter (FPS), the well-established format of multiplayer online game play.

Players enter into combat with each other within the Kwari three dimensional computer generated worlds. The weapons available to be used by the players include shotguns, machine pistols and rocket launchers.

The object of the game is for the player to shoot opponents more than they are shot by other players.

Traditional FPS games are played for points that contribute to the players ranking and prestige, but Kwari has extended this traditional model so as to enhance the game play experience. Instead of playing for points, combatants play for an in-game currency and strive to increase their wealth by use of their skill in combat. The in-game currency can be redeemed for real-world currency and vice-versa.

2. Financial model

Kwari derives no revenue from any of the following, merely in each case passing on the direct cost of the transactions:
use of the game client software;

in-game fines or changes for services;
any monetary transaction between players.

Kwari's single source of revenue from players is from the charge it makes for ammunition.

Kwari imposes no margin on the transaction charges imposed by credit, debit and charge card companies. These will be passed on to the players.

Kwari enables players to participate in either Play For Free Game or Play For Real Game environments or both. In-game currency earned in the Practice environment is of no monetary value. Currency earned in the Live environment can be redeemed for real world currency upon request.

3. Account Lifecycle

Customers create accounts in order to become players, which remain in place across all games. Money can be deposited into these accounts which is converted to the In-game Currency on a like-for-like basis. This feeds players' Play For Real Game Balances.

During the account creation process customers are asked for a minimum level of information such as their chosen display name, valid email address and confirmation that they are over 18 years old. New accounts are credited with a finite amount of ammunition and Game Balance which may be used in the Play For Free environment. Players will be required to provide more detailed information including payment card details in order to fully participate in the Play For Real environment.

Kwari provides players with access to multiple games of differing Stake Value. Players select the value of the game they wish to play and reserve a proportion of their Account Balance to use during that game, called the 'In-game Balance'.

The In-game Balance will vary during play and at the end of the game the final figure is credited back to their Account Balance.

Players have the option to play multiple games over time until their Account Balance is exhausted or they make a request to redeem a proportion or the balance of their In-game Currency.

Players may make further deposits to replenish their Account Balances at any time.

4. Game Basics

a) In-game Economy
Players interact with other players, services, hazards and prize mechanisms.
Each interaction results in a transfer of the in-game currency either from or to a player's Game Balance.

If a player shoots another then a set amount determined by the level at which the player has chosen to play is transferred from the player hit to the player who took the shot.

If a player is caught by a hazard then the player is penalised with a small fine.

If a player successfully finds and retrieves a prize object or successfully completes a set of tasks that has a prize value, the value of that prize is credited to his Bankroll.

All funds collected as a result of In-game fines or in payment for services are offered back to the playing community as they are added in full to the prize fund, which is available to all players on an equal basis, and recoverable only by use of skill.

b) Game Stake
Kwari will open games of differing stakes. The Game Stake equates to the value of a single player to player hit. It is intended that these values remain low at the level equating to 1, 5, 10 and possibly 50 US Cents.

Players are required to allocate a minimum Game Balance of 200 times the Stake in order to join the game. If a player's Game Balance drops below zero at any time he is immediately removed from the game.

c) Player Hits
If during a game one player shoots another, a set amount equivalent to the Game Stake is transferred from the player that was shot to the player who shot the bullet. This sum is a player-to-player transaction and is recorded as such. The shooting player's Game Balance is credited and the shot player's Game Balance is debited.

d) Community Prizes
Kwari provides its playing community with opportunity to win prizes that are awarded to individual players upon the successful completion of skill-based tasks or quests. These prizes vary in value according to the difficulty of the task or the duration a quest takes to complete. The objective is to provide an additional strategy for game-play, stimulate competition between players and reward regular play.

Prizes are financed by charging players for the optional purchase of in-game goods and services such as health-packs and power-ups and by occasionally fining players for making mistakes such as walking through fire.

If a player uses a service or is fined for a mistake, a small amount is transferred from his/her Game Balance to the Kwari Prize Fund.

The Kwari Prize Fund accumulates funds entirely for the benefit of the playing community. As it increases in value proportions of the balance are pre-allocated against the eventuality of a player being awarded a prize.

When a prize is awarded, the Kwari Prize Fund is debited according to the value of the prize and the Bankroll of the successful player is credited.

The Kwari system automatically manages the availability of prizes according to the balance of the Kwari Prize Fund so that the account can never have a negative balance.

Small prizes are made available in each game or across a series of games and other larger prizes can be awarded only once in a specific time period such as daily, weekly or monthly.

e) Ammunition
Players purchase ammunition from Kwari either prior to or during a game.
Kwari deducts the cost of ammunition from a player's Bankroll. Ammunition is not redeemable or transferable and can only be used with a game.

f) Player Health
Each time a player is shot his 'Health' is decremented. When the player has a health value of zero he is automatically removed from his current location in the game and reappears (re-spawns) in a different location. This safeguard prevents any player from becoming trapped and continually being shot by others.

g) Player anonymity
To prevent collusion between groups of players Kwari has no visual, audible or textual communication mechanisms. Further, players cannot choose which instance of a game they join. Players are allocated to one of the many game instances available at the Game Stake they specify. At no time can they determine which instance they are playing in.