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Superstar Interview: Sinister

Exclusive chat with Leaderboard king and $5,051 Jackpot winner, Sinister…

KWARI: So, what is the secret to your success?
SINISTER: Jackpots. Key Jackpots and Pill Jackpots that is, but only when the Pill Jackpot is worth it, unless you are easily beating your opponents, don't even touch The Pill unless it's worth more than a few dollars, or the game is a few seconds from the end and you have the chance to grab it.

KWARI: How does it feel to be top of the Leaderboard?
SINISTER: It feels good, but also it somehow doesn't feel right, I'm far from being the most skilled player and yet there I am at number one.

KWARI: Is there any extra pressure on you for being in the number one spot?
SINISTER: At first I thought so, but now I get the feeling it just adds to intimidate my opponents should they figure out who I am. Maybe that's just how I see it though.

KWARI: How would you describe your playing style?
SINISTER: Hard to say as I'm still experimenting, I've found that a good way to get your balance to go up and not down is to not get into a direct fight, keep your distance and don't get a players focus on you, try and get a few hits in then disappear.

KWARI: Do you have an ideal weapon set-up you aim for?
SINISTER: Depends on the map really, I like to use the Shotgun normally because it's very ammo efficient and seems to do some good damage, if I find I'm losing I'll switch to the Blade Launcher and occasionally I'll just use that anyway if I happen to spawn near it, it uses twice as much ammo as the Shotgun but I think it's a better overall weapon.

KWARI: Which is your favourite Kwari map?
SINISTER: I like most of the maps, I don't have a favourite, but I do have a least favourite, the Asteroid Mine, I hate the large open area part as I always find I get shot with the Kinetic Sniper Rifle or the Swarm Gun and often you won't get a chance to return the damage. I prefer maps with smaller closed in areas, which helps with the Shotgun.

KWARI: Do you have any advice for those who want to do well in Kwari?
SINISTER: Start your days in free to play, learn the basics of the game, choose your preferred weapon and even try out different tactics such as hit and run or mainly shooting at those already engaged in battle. Don't avoid power-ups just because they cost you money, a Guardian Shield will deal 30 damage to your enemy overall, that's 30c for you. An Overcharge power-up will increase the money you get per hit. Power-ups don't only help you survive, the 5c cost is often more than made up for by the bonus the power-up provides. The sooner you kill your enemy, the less damage you will have taken.

KWARI: What’s been your best in-game moment so far?
SINISTER: My best in-game moment was when I won the Silver Key Jackpot, my game balance automatically shot up by over $5,000, wow did that ever increase my place as number one on the Kwari Leaderboards!

KWARI: So, how did it feel getting that last Silver Key?
SINISTER: He he, I just kept thinking to myself: "One more to go! One more to go!" After a while I ran over a Key, picked it up and saw a message pop up about someone winning $5,051 and I knew that I'd just found the final Silver Jackpot Key. It felt good. And I knew the other players in the game would have seen the message as well, that made me smile.

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