Current Key Jackpots

Multiplayer Jackpots:
(The following Jackpots only appear in multiplayer stakes play)

Copper Jackpot - 15 Keys

You will need to find 15 Copper Keys to secure this jackpot. The Copper Jackpot pays out very frequently and its keys will appear more frequently than any others. This jackpot can easily be won in a single session of play.

Bronze Jackpot - 30 Keys
To win this Jackpot you are going to have to find 30 Bronze Jackpot Keys, which appear more rarely than their Copper counterparts, but lead to a much bigger prize. Be vigilant!

Silver Jackpot - 45 Keys
The Silver Jackpot is a significant prize and will take players some time to collect all 45 Keys in the series. Silver Keys are quite rare and you will need to be watchful for their appearance!

Gold Jackpot - 60 Keys
The Gold Jackpot is the biggest single prize in Kwari and requires 60 Keys to be collected. If you find a Gold Key you are well on your way towards a large cash prize.

What Are Jackpots?

Throughout the levels in Kwari you will find Crates, which after a few shots will explode to reveal their contents. The crates can hold any number of things from Weapons, Pickups, cash prizes and... Keys. The Keys are one of the most important Pickups in Kwari, they are your ticket to the Kwari Jackpots and big cash prizes.

Each Key is released into all Kwari arenas at exactly the same time, regardless of stake level or game. When you find a Key inside one of the crates all you need to do is run over it to pick it up. To see which Key you've found press the "TAB" key. Your status screen will show you which Keys you've found along with how many more you need to complete that Jackpot sequence.

All keys look identical in the game, only once you pick them up will you know which Jackpot Key you've found. Multiple Keys are required to win each Jackpot.

You can see the current Kwari Jackpot total either in game at the top of the screen - where a combined value of all Jackpot totals is listed - or by checking on the Kwari website where individual Jackpot totals are displayed at the top of the website.

When any Jackpot prize is won a message goes out to all players informing them that that the Jackpot has been won, at which point all the Keys that have been found will be removed from all players and the Jackpot reset. Players can then begin again to acquire Keys to winning that Jackpot.
A Kwari Crate
A Jackpot Key