1. Download the game for free

First things first you are going to need the game, so download Kwari here. The best part of this is that the entire game can be downloaded for free.

While downloading we recommend thinking about everything you are going to buy with the imminent piles of sweet cash.

2. Setup an account

Next up, click here to register a new Account. Registering is quick and easy, and new accounts are awarded with free money and ammo to use in the "Play For Fun" games. Get ready to make a killing.

3. Get into a game

Ok, the basics...

Shoot someone to make money, get hit and you lose money. But, this is not the only path to cash heaven. There's The Pill. If you are the player who holds The Pill the longest or you find yourself with it at the end of the match you get a cash prize. Add Challenges, Coins and tasty Jackpots for huge money-making opportunities.

4. Get a huge game balance

In Play For Free (PFF) all of the money is simulated, so any money you win isn't real, but its a great way to learn the maps, how all the weapons work and what each of the pickups do.

With every bullet that finds its target, every Coin collected or Challenge completed you will see your Game Balance tick up at the top of the screen. Collect enough Keys (that you can find hidden in crates around each level) and you will unlock one of the Kwari Jackpots. The Jackpots offer huge rewards and pay out directly to your Bankroll.

5. Withdraw your money and spend it

Once you've amassed some free cash, head back out to the Kwari game menu and transfer any money you would like to withdraw from your Game Account to your Bankroll.

Next go back to and login to your Account, where you will be able to withdraw your winnings. Now all that's left to do is go and spend it!