The Pill

During every Pill game, somewhere within the level, The Pill will appear. This glowing, smoking sphere is your ticket to the Map Jackpot. The Jackpot is split in two at the end of the match, win half of the money by being…

1. The player that holds onto The Pill for the longest.
2. The player that is holding The Pill when the match ends.

The Map Jackpot is then divided equally between the two players that meet those criteria. If you happen to have held The Pill for the longest AND end the match with it, then... the entire Map Jackpot is yours!

An in-game announcement will be made when The Pill spawns into the level, you can find The Pill by looking out for a glowing circle on your HUD. This appears regardless of distance and can be seen through walls. In other words, if you’re holding The Pill you can expect every single player in the match to be heading your direction.