Throughout the Kwari levels are several types of Trap. Primarily they are designed to damage and hinder players, but can also be used by cunning combatants to their advantage. They can come in very handy when you’re trying to escape with The Pill or avoid combat. Also, since damage dealt from any Trap goes towards the Map Jackpot, they can be perfect for increasing The Pill payout. There are two types of Kwari Trap:

Tesla Trap
Drawing energy from passing combatants to charge itself the Tesla Trap seems, at first, harmless enough. However, stay near it for too long and the glowing purple coil will rise to the top of the Trap and an energy field will be activated around the trap. Anyone unfortunate enough to stray inside this field will be electrocuted. The Plasma Globe can be used to instantly charge this Trap, other weapons can be used to return the trap to its original state.

Fire Trap
Found on walls and in doorways the Fire Trap is ready to activate at a moments notice. Any combatant who passes by will be doused in a cloud of burning fire, sprayed out by modified FTMG units. Pass by fast enough and the damage can be avoided; making this the perfect deterrent for any unwanted pursuers. Very handy if you happen to be carrying The Pill.